The Dog Catcher

19 iul. 2020
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Prince Michael tries to help get Bob adopted.
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Big thanks to Paw Works for providing the dogs. Many are available for adoption here:

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Talent: JJ Carroll, Erika Schindle, Jason Palmer, Aaron, Ashley Bornancin, Linda Cushma, Hana Bible, Michelle Benitez, Lorenzo Zach King, Rachel King, Mason King, Liam King, Shelise Hufstetler, Lexi, Nicole Burleson, Cristina Shore, Jake Shore, Cali Shore.
Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew
Music: Andrew & Jesse
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Aaron, SoKrispy Media
Production: Michelle, Aaron, Rhys, Nick, Jason, Lorenzo
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  • Woah Phil wants to evict his roommate, in these trying times? Harsh, buddy!

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    • Michael is so cute When I see him

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  • My brother has 1 those

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  • There is jack King awesome really amazing

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  • 2:42 The green screen Effect around Michael

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  • Vs the legal

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  • 6:21 Knitting time

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  • Is Bob ur pet

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  • great video to show people to find a great dog or cat for them.🐶💗🐱

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  • Dog Catchers are evil people who don’t deserve to be payed is what this taught me

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  • I’ll cover for him turn on close captions to hear Michaels thoughts

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  • This is just so sad to me

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  • Please turn on exercise

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  • Indonesia

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  • Aron pls do a merch :)

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  • Братан ты на русском стал делать Видио

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  • In this AU city, animals are allowed to be legal citizens too unless they are a dog :/

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